Owner’s Death Sets Off Custody Dispute of a 1958 Corvette Valued at $97,000


Owner's Death Sets Off Custody Dispute of a 1958 Corvette Valued at $97,000

File Photo Courtesy of CorvetteImages.com

Who’s the owner of a yellow 1958 Corvette convertible?

A California judge will apparently decide that question in June.

One thing we do know for sure is that 75-year-old George Bristol owned the Corvette, valued at some $97,000, prior to his death in a traffic accident on Dec. 14, 2016.

After that, though, the picture grows murky.

An administrator of the estate, Jared Bristol, says the Corvette is now in the possession of Laura Hazelett, who he claims in his lawsuit was having a relationship with George Bristol before he died late last year in his 2004 Toyota Tacoma, which left the road, went airborne, and crashed into the side of a large drainage canal.

Jared Bristol filed a lawsuit against Hazelett on Wednesday in Fairfield, Calif., claiming that she forged George Bristol’s signature on forms that she filed in January 2017 with the Department of Motor Vehicles saying that George Bristol had given her the car two days before his death.

The lawsuit asks that the DMV not be allowed to transfer ownership of the Corvette to anyone while the estate is in probate.

The Daily Republic reached out to Hazelett for comment on the allegations of the suit but received no response.


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  1. The car should go to me. I knew him in high school. Always someone trying to cash in. Disgraceful. Family should argue he signed the paper under duress or was not mentally fit to make that decision. I am sure they will. People that pull this BS should be made to pay damages and court costs for the legit owners trying to claim their rightful inheritance. That’s how it is in England and they have very few of these nonsense claims.

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