[RIDES] David’s 1981 Corvette


[RIDES] David's 1981 Corvette

David reached out to us on our Facebook Page to nominate his 1981 Corvette for our RIDES feature and we sure are glad he did!

David tells us that he considers his 1981 Corvette a tribute to his late brother, a Navy veteran, who had a very similar looking Corvette. He says this ’81 Vette is “pretty much stock” and any replacement parts that he has put on the car are GM Parts.

These days he spends a lot of his Corvette time keeping the car clean and waxed. He ended his message with “I love Corvettes and take great pride in mine.”

Well said, David!

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  1. “1981 was the last year a manual transmission was available until late in 1984 with the C4. Automatic transmission Corvettes were equipped with a new fiberglass re-inforced rear mono-spring. 1981 marks the first year that Corvette body style numbers were incorporated into the VIN number instead of being a seperate number. 1981 was the first year Corvettes were ever produced in two factories at one time. The new Bowling Green, Kentucky plant produced its first Corvette on June 1, 1981 while the St. Louis plant was producing its last Corvettes.”

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