Got iOS 10? Get the Corvette Emojis Set


Got iOS 10? Get the Corvette Emojis Set

For those of you rocking the latest iOS 10 operating systems on your iPhones and iPads, you can now download a new Sticker Pack application featuring 27 Corvettes from digital-art designer Kevin McCauley.

The app is called Automoji: Bowling Green and can be downloaded from iTunes for $0.99.

The Bowling Green Emoji kit has every generation of Corvettes and also includes the Indy 500 Pace Cars, Special Editions, Corvette racers and even movie cars. One of our favorites is the 1992 “One Millionth” Corvette that was damaged in the NCM Sinkhole.

To use the app, you must use iMessage and your recipient must also use iMessage to receive the Corvette emojis. Here are the use instructions provided by the National Corvette Museum:

The app does not work in the same way as true Emojis, and is not found on the Emoji keyboard. Instead it’s called ‘Automoji’ because it was created by an Emoji artist and the illustrations are modeled after the Apple iOS Emoji visual style. Once the app is downloaded, from within iMessage tap the App Store icon (looks like an “A”), then tap the four dots in the corner. The icon for Automoji will appear (or if you’ve not yet purchased it you can tap the “+” to open the App Store and make your purchase). Once you tap the Automoji icon you’ll see Corvette stickers you can scroll through and select. Note that your recipient must also use iMessage to be able to receive the stickers.

Got iOS 10? Get the Corvette Emojis Set

National Corvette Museum

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