The RideTech 48-Hour Corvette to Compete at Las Vegas OUSCI


The RideTech 48-Hour Corvette to Compete at Las Vegas OUSCI

Photo Credit: RideTech

RideTech and Lingenfelter will be showing what can be accomplished in 48 hours as the RideTech 48-Hour Corvette competes in the Optima Search for the Ultimate Streetcar in Las Vegas on Nov. 5 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The RideTech Corvette might be the ultimate C3 Corvette. It started as a stock 1972 chassis but over a period of just 48 hours was upgraded mightily with a 650 horsepower LIngenfelter LS7 engine, Holley EFI, Bowler T56 Magnum, Baer Brakes, Forgeline Wheels, and a full RideTech R-Spec suspension.

RideTech President Bret Voelkel said they look forward to the Optima event where it “will be good to demonstrate the LIngenfelter horsepower and the advances that RideTech has made this year in shock and suspension technology.”

The RideTech 48-Hour Corvette to Compete at Las Vegas OUSCI

Scheduling and other logistical issues have prevented the car from running any OPTIMA events this year, but Chris Smith, driver and tuner of the 48-Hour Corvette, points out that the team is eager to reveal what their efforts have done. “We have worked quite hard this year developing and tuning the new R-Spec Series suspension for this Corvette,” Smith says. “OUSCI will be its first full public debut.”

Vice President of Operations Mark Rapson of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering says the company has worked closely with RideTEch in the OPTIMA Search for the Ultimate Street Car Series for the past five years.

“We’ve certainly enjoyed partnering with them on the ’72 Corvette 48-Hour Build car, now in its second year of competition,” Rapson said. “Chris Smith has come to appreciate the reliability and driveability of our 650 horsepower LS7 engine. We’re expecting a strong finish.”

The goal behind the 48-Hour Build was to show owners of C2 and C3 Corvettes how to make their cars perform like the C5, C6 and C7 models that followed theirs, Voelkel says.

Check out this video from 2015 showing the RideTech 48-Hour Corvette on the autocross track:


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