[ACCIDENT] Lithuanian C4 Corvette Driver Crashes Into Bus Stop While Leaving Car Meet


[ACCIDENT] Lithuanian C4 Corvette Driver Crashes Into Bus Stop While Leaving Car Meet

Have you ever done something stupid and the first thing you do is look around and see if there were any witnesses?

Well, the driver of this very nice red C4 Corvette probably had that feeling recently.

Unfortunately for his ego, there were lots of witnesses to his mistake, which happened on the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania in front of lots of people, not to mention at least one video camera.

Admittedly, though, our first thought wasn’t about the accident – it was that there is a red Corvette actually driving along the streets of Lithuania in the first place! We wouldn’t really anticipate seeing a Corvette in this tiny country that’s near Sweden and Denmark, but there it was, right in front of the camera unfortunately for this driver.

(By the way, our gig at Corvette Blogger has proven to be really educational. For example, prior to this story, I didn’t have a clue where Lithuania is, but I soon found out thanks to Wikipedia and also discovered that Vilnius is the largest city and also happens to be the capital.)

Anyway, this video opens with three young guys standing on a street corner admiring the red C4, but the black-bearded driver, who flashes a big grin happy to be the subject of their video cameras as he pulls onto the street, decides to get a little too anxious to show off.

He guns it and the rear end of the Corvette begins to slide, prompting him to hit his brakes and then overcorrect again, sending him careening straight into a bus stop as a crowd quickly gathers to see what’s happened.

Fortunately, it appears that no one was injured in this embarrassing display of machismo, though the bus stop bench has definitely seen its better days.

The Corvette emerged with some scuffed paint and a small hole in the front rubber bumper, though it could have been much worse and pales in comparison to the damage done to the driver’s ego.


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