[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Hits Utility Pole in Massachusetts


[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Hits Utility Pole in Massachusetts

Photo Credit: masslive.com

The driver of a C4 Corvette crashed quite spectacularly on Boston Road in Springfield, Massachusetts after hitting a utility pole on Sunday morning. The impact sent debris from the car in all directions.

When police arrived on the scene, they found parts of the Corvette stuck in the overhead wires, but the driver was no where to be found.

Witnesses told police they saw the driver walk away from the vehicle after the accident. Police found a trail of blood leading away from the wrecked Corvette and believe the driver climbed a tall fence surrounding St. Michael’s Cemetery.

After a quick search, Police located the seriously injured driver nearly a mile a way near the intersection of Dickinson and Oakland streets and he was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

A member of the police department said that the accident is still under investigation.

[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Hits Utility Pole in Massachusetts


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