[VIDEO] Matt Farah’s One-Take in a DSC Sport Tuned Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Matt Farah's One-Take in a DSC Sport Tuned Corvette Z06

“Tire Smoker” Matt Farah takes a 2016 Corvette Z06 in this video and puts it through the paces after the installation of a DSC Sport Controller.

If you’re like me, DSC probably doesn’t mean much to you, but Farah explains that it’s a way of reprogramming the magnetic ride for better lap times at the track while also being more versatile.

Basically, the controller looks at all types of different parameters for how you’re driving and adjusts the magnetic shocks in real time based on how you’re driving, not just based on what the road surface is, which is how GM’s standard system operates.

“GM’s standard system does it based on whether it’s bumpy or smooth, whether you set it in Sport or Cruise,” Farah says. “This does it based on all types of G forces as well as your inputs, so if I’m cruising along, it will decide that I’m cruising along and it will make it nice and soft. If I start to load up the G forces either way, more than .3 g’s, it will go, oh, he wants to dance, and it will do those adjustments in the background in real time.”

Farah points out the DSC Controller can tell what your throttle input is and also any changes in throttle input. “So if you’re going from cruising to all of a sudden matting the gas,” he says, “it can tell that you’re doing that and it can soften or stiffen the shocks accordingly.”

[VIDEO] Matt Farah's One-Take in a DSC Sport Tuned Corvette Z06

In theory, he says, that should just make everything better all the time.

The system, by the way, doesn’t have any hardware – it just works with the existing magnetic ride.

Since it has been 10 months since he last drove a stock Z06, Farah says he won’t lie and say he could tell the two cars apart.

But he does have high praise for the way the DSC Corvette performed.

[VIDEO] Matt Farah's One-Take in a DSC Sport Tuned Corvette Z06

“I can tell you that based on what I have in front of me right now, this car is predictable, it’s extraordinarily fast, it rides beautifully. This track is medium bumpy, but nothing really seems to upset it. Even though the brakes are not ceramic, they’re holding up pretty good and not melty, melty.”

He goes on to say the Z06 is amazing.

“It’s hard for me to tell exactly what changes the DSC Controller made, but it feels really good, feels very confident, it feels very planted at the back, it feels good under braking in the front … and I’m definitely a fan.”

See what it’s like to drive a Z06 in Matt’s “One Take” video.


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