[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick’s Corvette Hall of Fame Induction Video


[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick's Corvette Hall of Fame Induction Video

Last weekend at the National Corvette Museum’s 21st Anniversary Celebration, the three new inductees to the Corvette Hall of Fame were honored. This year’s inductees were Herb Fishel in the category of Racing, Rick Hendrick in the category of Enthusiast, and Russ McLean in the category of GM/Chevrolet.

For each of the inductees, the NCM prepares a special video showcasing the inductee’s story and how their love of Corvettes led them to becoming a member of the Corvette Hall of Fame. Here is the video for Chevrolet dealer and NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick.

Rick says his love of Corvettes started with the first one he owned, a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible which had a pair of sidepipes. Rick eventually started working on other Corvettes which eventually led to him buying wrecked Corvettes and fixing them up for resale.

When opportunity knocked, Rick sold that first Corvette and bought his first Chevrolet dealership and we pretty much know what has happened since. Hendrick’s automotive group is now the largest privately owned dealership group in the country.

As Rick found success and grew his business, he started collecting Corvettes that he found special. Many of these are first VIN or early cars with low miles and the warehouse/museum that the cars are stored in represent special places from Rick’s life. His collection now has over 150 Corvettes ranging from C1 to the first VIN C7 Corvette Stingrays and Z06s.

Rick Hendrick's Corvette Hall of Fame Induction Video

Rick never forgot about that first Corvette though. Not only was it special because it was the first and helped launch his business, but he remembers driving that car on his first date with a special young lady named Linda who became his wife.

Rick eventually tracked down that first Corvette of his and today the chassis and motor can be found under the conference table in his office. The body was mounted on a restomod chassis containing an LS7 V8 and the completed car was presented to him at the Museum.

The National Corvette Museum’s Hall of Fame video for Rick Hendrick also contains interviews with friends and employees of Hendrick including former Chevrolet general manager Jim Perkins and offers insight into Rick’s enthusiasm and love for the Corvette.

Congratulations to Rick Hendrick for his induction into the 2015 Corvette Hall of Fame.

The National Corvette Museum

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