[VIDEO] Woman Reduced to Tears Upon Seeing Her New Corvette


[VIDEO] Woman Reduced to Tears Upon Seeing Her New Corvette

The original poster of this “surprise” video on Facebook deserves the husband of the year of award. What for you ask? If your wife is crying tears of joy after you just surprised her with a new Corvette, that’s husband of year material right there.

The video opens with a lady arriving home in a daily driver. When the garage door goes up, she spies the blue C3 Corvette in her parking spot. As she’s getting out of her car, she is in conversation with someone on her phone and so she quickly tells them that she’ll have to call her back.

The husband then steps outside and he says “somebody got a new Corvette”. From that moment on, it’s tears for the wife as she puts her hands to her mouth in disbelief. Crying, she gives her husband a hug and then walks over and sits in the drivers seat for the first time.

The video was posted on facebook and we can’t embed it here, so to watch it, click here to see it on our facebook page:

[VIDEO] Woman Reduced to Tears Upon Seeing Her New Corvette

We don’t know much about the car, other than its an early C3 with a front chrome bumper. The deep blue exterior is magnificent and we are sure the new owner will love to take off the t-tops for a summer cruise.


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