[PIC] General Motors CEO Mary Barra in Her Corvette Z06 for the Woodward Dream Cruise


[PIC] General Motors' CEO Mary Barra in Her Corvette Z06 for the Woodward Dream Cruise
Photo Credit: Mary Barra/Twitter

It was back in May that we published one of our most popular stories so far in 2015. That story featured photos of Mary Barra’s 2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Since then, we’ve been wondering when we would actually see General Motors’ CEO in the car and yesterday our prayers were finally answered.

Ms. Barra posted a photo of herself Saturday morning in the Black Z06 convertible which she’s nicknamed “The Beast” and then she joined 1.5 million automotive fans as she headed out for Saturday’s Woodward Dream Cruise.

As a refresher, Mary Barra’s triple black Z06 Convertible was outfitted with the Z07 Performance Package with the carbon fiber aerodynamics. You can also see she has the Competition Sport seats and yellow calipers on the Brembo brakes.

In our initial story back in May, we were told that Mary’s Corvette had the new 8-speed automatic transmission, but we stand corrected as Mary replied to a twitter question confirming “The Beast” is manual 7-speed:

Following what I am sure was a full day of fun for the Chief Executive Officer, Mary had one more tweet later in the afternoon regarding “The Beast”:

Driving a manual transmission 650-hp Corvette Z06 in the stop-and-go-fast traffic on Woodward is sure to give anyone a leg workout. But the fact that you call your Corvette “The Beast” just made our day! Mary, your stock continues to rise in our opinion and we aren’t talking about Wall Street! Congratulations on your new Corvette!

Mary Barra on Twitter

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