Callaway Cars and Bondurant Driving School Announce Partnership


Callaway Cars and Bondurant Driving School Announce Partnership

Two legends in the Corvette world with a long personal relationship announced today that their companies will be joining forces to create limited edition products and offer unique experiences behind the wheel of high performance vehicles.

Making the partnership official were Reeves Callaway of Callaway Cars and Bob Bondurant of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, two guys who go back a long way with Corvettes.

Callaway Cars and Bondurant Driving School Announce Partnership“Callaway Cars and Bondurant Driving School have been leaders in the world of high performance for decades,” said Callaway, founder and CEO of Callaway Cars. “In fact, our paths first crossed in the early 1970s when Bob invited me to be one of his first driving instructors. I’m pleased to have come full circle and once again work with the legendary Bob Bondurant. Together, we’ll give enthusiasts the opportunity to truly enjoy a high octane lifestyle.”

The Bondurant name, of course, is synonymous with winning on the track, no matter what he was competing with. He dominated racing for a decade in the late 1950s and into the 1960s on motorcycles and in sports cars and Formula One single-seaters. For Corvette enthusiasts, he is respected for helping establish the car in the world of racing in its early years. In fact, he won the Corvette Driver of the Year Award in 1959 after taking the West Coast “B” Production Championship. More impressively, he then won 30 of 32 races behind the wheel of Corvettes from 1960 to 1963.

Bondurant moved in another direction in 1968, though, when he decided to help other people become better drivers by founding the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. The school offers instruction in competition driving, police pursuit driving, evasive driving, stunt driving, and more.

Callaway, of course, was one of the first driving instructors for Bondurant but since then has gone on to become one of and incredibly capable. From top speed record holders to fantastic racecars, Callaway badges are a sign of superior performance. We are proud of the company we keep, and Callaway falls into that category.”

It’s only fitting that these two gentlemen should come together in a partnership that promises to increase their companies’ presence even more in the automotive performance and motorsport experience markets.

Callaway Cars and Bondurant Driving School Announce Partnership


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