The Ridetech 1972 Corvette Coupe: From Stock to Fire-Breathing Restomod in 48 Hours


The Ridetech 1972 Corvette Coupe: From Stock to Fire-Breathing Restomod in 48 Hours

Way back in 2011 the folks at Ridetech took a stock first generation Camaro and, with the help of several aftermarket manufacturers and several of their friends, made it into a Camaro restomod in 48 hours. Now, after everyone associated with that project has caught up on their sleep and has forgotten what sleep deprivation feels like, they are going to do it again—only this time with a stock 1972 Corvette.

Yes, they’re going to convert a bone stock, self-described “typical eBay purchased Corvette” into a fire-breathing, butt-kicking restomod powered by a Lingenfelter Performance Engineering 650 horsepower, 427 cu. in. LS7 engine. And the engine swap is only the beginning of the transformation—they are also going to change out:

  • Transmission
  • Rear-end
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Interior
  • Wiring
  • A/C
  • Cooling system
  • Stereo

Needless to say, many, many aftermarket manufacturers will contribute parts and elbow grease to get the job done on time. The restomod will have Ridetech Level 3 CoilOver front and rear suspensions; MSD ignition components; Holley Dominator EFI ECU; Forgeline alloy wheels with Falken Azenis RT615K street/track tires; Centerforce clutch; Vintage Air FrontRunner and GEN IV A/C system; etc. We’ve mentioned just a few sponsors here, but be sure to check the Ridetech website for a complete list of who’s helping out and remember them when you need some good parts to go fast.

The 48 hours will be divided into three consecutive 16-hour days from March 10 through March 12. The boys will get at least a few hours to catch some shut-eye to stay fresh and keep any miscues from catching up with them. It’s still a tight schedule and there isn’t much room to go back and fix something that didn’t get done right the first time.

Don’t confuse this 48-hour project with those other TV shows where you don’t get to see any of the actual work because they speed things up using trick time-lapse photography that makes everyone jump around like they’ve been on intravenous caffeine for two weeks. All work in the 48-hour project will be streamed live on YouTube and there will be live question and answer periods along with interviews and interactive chat—no camera tricks and no BS. If you don’t have time to watch 16 hours a day, details will be updated daily.

What is the 48-hour team going to do at the end of the 48 hours? As soon as they are finished, they are going to back up their work by taking the restomod ’72 on a road trip to the track at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Ky. and see what it will do. That’s called confidence in your work.

So grab a few of your favorite beverages, a comfy chair and plenty of munchies, turn on the live YouTube video stream and sit back and watch the birth of a monster Corvette restomod. Check the Ridetech site for all the details.


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