[PIC] Throwback Thursday: The All-New C3 Corvette at the 1968 Detroit Auto Show


[PIC] Throwback Thursday: The All-New C3 Corvette at the 1968 Detroit Auto Show

It’s time for Throwback Thursday where we feature vintage photos of Corvettes. Since it’s car show week in the Motor City, we found an appropriate throwback picture of the newly redesigned 1968 Corvette appearing at the 1968 Detroit Auto Show.

Car shows like the Detroit Auto Show are important events for the automakers as it gives them a forum to present their vehicles to a wide audience. It also seems like as long as there have been auto shows, there have also been some pretty girls nearby to tell you all about that shiny new car.

This may have a photo op along the lines of “Hey, let’s put a blonde on the hood of the big block 427 while the car spins around” or perhaps she was showing off the strength and rigidity of the fiberglass hood. Regardless, this is just one of those iconic photos that gives a glimpse into how cars were marketed 47 years ago. And not much has really changed since then…

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