2007 Corvette Z06 Donated to the National Corvette Museum


2007 Corvette Z06 Donated to the National Corvette Museum

Many Corvette enthusiasts have loved the car all their lives.

Cliff Young actually was a Mustang fan for most of his life, but then around the age of 60, he was bitten by the Corvette bug after a trip to a high performance driving school in 2006.

That convinced him it was time for a Corvette!

But Young didn’t want just any Corvette, though. He was looking for a 2007 Z06 of a particular color, but it was tough in those days to find any Z06 with the C6 being so new then.

“It just had to be LeMans Blue as 2007 would be the last year for that color,” wife Sally remembers. “It was a bit of a fiasco trying to get the car ordered. Cliff knew he wanted to order it with the Museum Delivery option, so he spoke with the Delivery Department and happened to mention to Lori that he wasn’t able to get a car yet. Lori connected him with a broker in Bowling Green that had allocation and made it happen.”

The couple had picked up the Z06 at the National Corvette Museum on June 27, 2007 and had intentions of coming back to the Museum in April 2014. But sadly, Cliff’s service to our country during the Vietnam War and his exposure to Agent Orange while there contributed to his unfortunate passing from major health complications on Jan. 28, 2014 at age 68.

Knowing how much her husband loved the Museum, it was an easy decision for his wife on what to do with his beloved Z06 after his death.

“While the Museum is in our wills, Cliff didn’t specifically list the car but I felt donating it was the most appropriate thing,” said Sally. “He was always so impressed with how the Museum is run, I know he would be pleased with its new home.”

The car won’t just be sitting around, though. The Museum plans to use the Youngs’ car for Parade Laps and other activities at the new Motorsports Park across from the interstate.

The Youngs, by the way, had already shown their support for the Motorsports Park with a membership in the One Acre Club, making a donation to allow purchase of one acre of land for the track.

“While Cliff enjoyed taking his car to the track, he didn’t race it,” said Sally. “Cliff’s friend Mike Pettiford operates Go 4 It Racing Schools, and Cliff would attend and help out with the classes. Mike would host special corporate events so Cliff would bring his car to use for instruction purposes and to enjoy an occasional drive around the track. Cliff also belonged to SCCA and would do flagging at races.”

Even though Cliff never got to drive his Z06 around the Motorsports Park track, the generosity of him and his wife will ensure that their Corvette will still be riding laps around it in the future.

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