[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Walks a Tight Rope in Tampa


[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Walks a Tight Rope in Tampa

We’ve heard of Corvette dragsters popping wheelies, but here’s something you definitely don’t see every day: a C6 Corvette resting at a 45-degree angle with its front bumper centered by a utility pole guy wire.

The unusual sight happened late Wednesday morning in Tampa, Fla., at Albany and Waters avenues near Armenia.

Police say the driver was heading eastbound on Waters when he tried to avoid hitting a car that cut him off. The maneuver, however, forced the Corvette to leave the road and climb up the guy wire.

The Corvette remained up in the air for several hours until crews could safely remove it after utility workers had taken care of the power.

Apparently, the mishap caused no injuries, other than a messed-up front bumper on the Corvette and possibly some scrapes on the rear bumper based on the photos.

Maybe this Corvette and its driver should consider working as a high-wire act for a circus.

[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Walks a Tight Rope in Tampa


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