Parked C6 Corvette Sparks Garage Fire in Houston


Parked C6 Corvette Sparks Garage Fire in Houston

The good news about this Corvette garage fire is that no one was injured and firefighters managed to save the rest of the house from going up in flames, too.

The bad news is that the C6 ‘Vette is apparently going to need some serious restoration after being “heavily involved” in the garage fire, according to Senior Captain Charles Martin of the Houston (Texas) Fire Department.

Firefighters believe an electrical issue is responsible for starting the fire in the garage that was attached to a southeast Houston home on Friday night.

The homeowner noticed something wasn’t right when he was driving the car earlier, he told firefighters.

“There was a mechanical issue we believe, based on talking to” the owner of the Corvette, Captain Martin said.

Fortunately, firefighters, who arrived at the Jean Street home about 9:30 p.m., answered the call soon enough to keep the blaze from spreading to the rest of the house, or this story could have been much worse.


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