[POLL] How Many Times Have You Visited the National Corvette Museum?


[POLL] How Many Times Have You Visited the National Corvette Museum?
Photo courtesy of the National Corvette Museum

It’s time again for our weekly poll!

Last week you told us that your favorite part of Corvettes at Carlisle was checking out all of the Corvettes for sale there each year. We certainly agree with that although our checkbook does not. Since the National Corvette Museum turns 20 this weekend we want to know how many times you’ve visited in the NCM’s first 2 decades.

Thousands of Corvette enthusiasts are making the pilgrimage to Corvette’s birthplace this week to help the NCM celebrate 20 years of honoring America’s sports car. Included in the 20th anniversary celebration is the long awaited opening of the Motorsports Park.

Some other activities this week in Bowling Green include a Corvette Design Overviews with the GM team, a Chevrolet ride and drive, The Corvette Mechanic’s and other seminars, book signings, ride alongs on the new track, viewing of the dreaded sink hole, and way more things than we can list here. Click here to check out all of the activities at the NCM this weekend.

We sure many of this weekend’s attendees are members and have been to the NCM before, but we also expect that there are many first timers heading to Bowling Green as well. Personally, this blogger has been to the museum twice (once in 2001 and again this year for the NCM Bash) and there’s sure to be many return trips in the future.

So this week’s question is how many times have you visited the National Corvette Museum? With rotating displays and several different events each year there’s always something new to see there. Do you have favorite display or event at the NCM? Tell us about that too in the Comments section below.

How many times have you been to the NCM?

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