[VIDEO] Tommy Milner Shows Off His No.4 Corvette C7.R


[VIDEO] Tommy Milner Shows Off His No.4 Corvette C7.R

This week on Mobil 1’s The Grid is a video of Tommy Milner showing off his new office, the all new C7.R that made its debut earlier this year at the Rolex Daytona 24 hour. In this video, Tommy gives us a rundown of the changes from C6.R to C7.R and then he takes us into the cockpit for a tour and closer look at the racing technology that is literally at his fingertips.

Tommy says that this new C7.R has been designed with the driver’s comfort in mind. A new tilt steering wheel helps during driver changes and the steering wheel controls have been refined so that the most important functions are on the wheel while other controls have been integrated into the dash and other control surfaces.

One of the coolest pieces of racing technology in the C7.R is the radar system that Corvette Racing co developed with BOSCH. The system helps the drivers identify the traffic behind them and determine the class and speed of the approaching car. Tommy says “it’s been a huge help for us as drivers to really manage traffic better than we could have in years passed. It gives you shapes and colors and things like that to determine whether cars are going away from you or getting closer, So that’s been a really huge help for us.”

Check out Mobil 1’s The Grid feature on Tommy Milner:

Corvette Racing is back in action on Saturday, May 31st for The Raceway at Belle Isle Park in Detroit, MI.

Mobil 1’s The Grid

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