[VIDEO] Tommy Milner Helmet Cam from the Daytona 24


[VIDEO] Tommy Milner Helmet Cam from the Daytona 24

Want to see what a few laps was like from a drivers perspective during the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona? Tommy Milner, co-driver of the No.4 Corvette C7.R, wore a GoPro camera mounted to his helmet during one of his practice stints. We get to see him suit up and then climb into the new Corvette racecar during a night time pit stop and then drive off to rejoin the field.

The video comes from /DRIVE and is part of their “Drivers Eye” series.

I love the sound the new C7.R makes but what’s really fun is watching the action inside the drivers cockpit. The color gauge display lights up like Christmas when its time for Tommy to shift and the gear selection is displayed as well.

What we find also amazing is the quick succession of downshifts made as Tommy drops from around 175 mph in 6th gear on the super-speedway part of the circuit to 2nd gear and 70 mph as he enters the infield roadcourse.

Corvette Racing fans will also note the return of the rear facing camera which picks up cars behind the C7.R and lets the driver know if its a prototype or GT car and which side its approaching.

During the actual race, the No.4 Corvette C7.R was very competitive, trading P1 and P2 with the factory Porsche 911 team. It would eventually fall out of the running as gearbox issues made it head to the garage, effectively ending the chances for a podium finish.

But fear not Corvette Racing fans! The Corvette C7.Rs crew will learn from this experience and you know they will be itching to atone for the mechanical failures at the 12 Hours of Sebring in March.

Thanks again for /DRIVE and Tommy Milner to show us what the experience is like to race the Corvette C7.Rs at Daytona.

/DRIVE on YouTube via Jalopnik

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