2014 Corvette Stingray Was Nearly Designed by Brazilians


2014 Corvette Stingray Was Nearly Designed by Brazilians

All along, Chevy has made no secret that with the C7, it was aiming to entice a younger breed of buyer to supplement its already loyal, but graying customer base.

That meant Ed Welburn and his crew were willing to listen to all possibilities when it came time to design the seventh generation of the Corvette a few years back.

In fact, Welburn gave every GM studio designer in the world the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to show him their vision of what the new C7 should look like.

After sorting through hundreds of drawings, the field was finally narrowed to two: one from the Corvette studio design team and the other from GM do Brasil.

None of the “contestants” could look at anyone else’s ideas, and only Welburn and the other design bosses were allowed to see all the entries.

As we all know now, the Corvette design team, in the end, convinced Welburn that it had come up with the right stuff to convince younger and more affluent buyers to come into the Corvette fold.

It’s wild to think that the design of America’s sports car – seventh edition- was nearly penned by an artist in Brazil.

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