[VIDEO] Today in Corvette History: Final C4 Corvette is Built


[VIDEO] Today in Corvette History: Final C4 Corvette is Built

After a stunning 12 year run which saw Corvette once again flex its performance muscle, the final Corvette of the C4 generation rolled off the assembly line in Bowling Green on June 21, 1996. Over 366,000 Corvettes were built during these years and today the sleek-looking sports car still has a loyal following. Check out these videos which chronicled the building of the final C4.

The Last C4 Corvette was purchased by Mid America Design’s Mike Yager, who lobbied Chevrolet’s President Jim Perkins to sell him the car. Wish granted, Yager followed the Corvette as it began it’s one week journey across the confines of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Workers were encouraged to sign the Corvette and many Chevrolet officials who were on hand did so as well.

To commemorate the historical significance of this generation, Mid America worked closely with Chevrolet to create a unique sendoff. Custom touches included Grand Sport flares and hash marks, white ZR-1 wheels, specially embroidered seats, and special “Last C4” badges on each fender.

Here two promotional videos (parts 1 and 2) from Mid America Design that documented the Last C4’s assembly.

Today the Last C4 Corvette resides in Yager’s personal My Garage Museum in Effingham, IL.

My Garage Museum
Photo Credit: @BerryLowman

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