The 2013 Corvette in Night Race Blue


The 2013 Corvette in Night Race Blue

As we get closer to the 2013 Corvette’s official launch at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash later this month, additional details about the final C6 Corvette are starting to trickle out. There is always excitement when GM introduces a new color choice for Corvettes and so when we came across an official Chevrolet Dealer document that shows an illustration of the new 2013 Corvette in Night Race Blue, we’ll, let’s just say we’re very pleased with the addition of the new shade.

We sent this pic to Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck Corvette for his reaction and he told us that he has seen the actual color chip and says that it appears even darker than the blue in this illustration. So it sounds like the name is very fitting and that Corvette buyers will be able to choose between the lighter-shaded Supersonic Blue and the really dark Night Race Blue.

Let’s hope that we’ll see the new Night Race Blue (GXH) on an actual Corvette at the Bash. Last year when Chevy rolled out the 2012 Corvettes, they only had a rear bumper painted Carlisle Blue Metallic to show the crowd and many of us were disappointed not be able to experience the new color fully painted on a Corvette under the beautiful Bowling Green sun.

The other major appearance change for the 2013 model year is the deletion of Competition Gray wheels, with Black Painted Aluminum wheels taking their place. Here is an illustration of the new wheels and we listed the descriptions under it:

The 2013 Corvette Lineup of Black Aluminum Wheels

  • (Q8B) 5-spoke, Black-painted aluminum, 18″ front and 19″ rear wheels (replace QX1 Competition Gray wheels)
  • (QZW) Grand Sport Black-painted aluminum, 18″ front and 19″ rear wheels (replace PYD Competition Gray wheels)
  • (Q7Z) Spider design, Z06 Black-painted aluminum, 18″ front and 19″ rear wheels (replace Q44 Competition Gray wheels)
  • (Q6U) ZR1 Black-painted aluminum, 19″ front and 20″1 rear wheels (replace Q6J Competition Gray wheels)

So now that you’ve had a glimpse of the new color, what do you think? Use the comment form below and let us know.

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  1. How many 2013 Grand Sport Corvettes where actually painted Night Racing Blue for this year?
    Thank you so much,
    Keven Jackson

    P.S If they can actually catch me. The authorities will actually place
    Me Under the jail. Having a blast until that fatal day I receive a speeding
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