DVR Alert: C4 Corvette Limo on Top Gear USA


DVR Alert: C4 Corvette Limo on Top Gear USA

Tanner, Adam and Rutledge are back tonight as Top Gear USA looks to do a take on Top Gear UK’s famous Limousine Challenge. The three hosts will be building their own limos: a 1981 VW Rabbit pickup, a 1969 Lincoln Continental, and a 1987 Chevrolet Corvette. So what’s the challenge, you ask? Transporting as yet unnamed celebrities to the Emmy Awards Show.

Top Gear USA’s “Limos” premieres on 3/20/2012 at 9 pm ET. Over at the History Channel’s Top Gear USA page, the episode guide description reads:

Limousines have become more about bachelorette parties than star-studded premieres, so Adam, Rutledge and Tanner decide it’s time to get some of the glamour back by building their own. To find out which is best, each of them has to transport a celebrity to the Primetime Emmy Awards.

That’s a nice, hollywood take on the Limo Challenge concept. In the original UK episode, the cars-turned-limos were an MG, a Panda, and a Saab/Alfa Romeo. The three hosts then competed in a series of challenges in their limos, and good comedy follows. You can see the first challenge here:

Check out Motor Trend’s advance pictures of the three new limos from tonight’s Top Gear USA.


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