[VIDEO] Larry the Cable Guy Visits the Corvette Assembly Plant


[VIDEO] Larry the Cable Guy Visits the Corvette Assembly Plant

Larry the Cable Guy’s Only in America TV show recently stopped in Bowling Green, Kentucky where he filmed a segment at the Corvette assembly plant. Larry proves that he wouldn’t be a good addition to the local labor force as we watch him touch a newly painted door and struggle with putting together a set of seat belts.

The video shows some of the inner workings of the plant including the paint shop. We meet Jimmy who buffs and cleans the panels after painting. Bantering with Larry, who fails to see a bit of dirt where the license plate goes on a particular red rear panel, Jimmy says “We’re building dreams. We’re building Corvettes. Can’t have dirt anywhere.”

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on the History Channel. The full episode featuring his visit to Bowling Green airs March 28.

History.com via @CorvetteMuseum on Twitter

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