There’s Hope to Prevent Spoiler Damage on your Corvette


There's Hope to Prevent Spoiler Damage on your Corvette

Article contributed by Mitch Talley

We’ve all heard that ominous scraping sound when we pull too far into a parking space in our Corvette and go over the curb. When you drive a vehicle as low to the ground as ours, you constantly worry about damaging the spoiler below the front of the car. Now comes word that Southern Car Parts, which supplies components for Corvettes, has come up with an ingenious way to protect our favorite car from such damage.

It’s called the Curb Alert parking sensor and works on C5 and C6 Corvettes.

According to the company, the device has a unique in-house infrared LED technology to detect approaching roads and curb risks that could damage the Corvette.

The sensor works by alerting drivers when their cars move inside a programmable distance of 8 to 28 inches from a potential damage. Curb Alert gives three-deep warning when you are within the specified distance to the curb.

Curbs are one of those road hazards that do more damage to sports cars than any other hazard on the road. In fact, just a simple trip to the corner store can become a costly errand if you over-estimate your front end clearance when parking: damage repairs could easily run $1,000 or more.

The company says you don’t have to worry about the device marring the beauty of your Corvette as it is installed in such a way that it is practically invisible. Also, the use of pre-existing body panel lines and fuse circuits make installation quick and easy.

Pricing of the Curb Alert is $159.99 and can be ordered at Southern Car Parts.

Southern Car Parts

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