Inside Line: C7 Corvette to be Offered with a 7-Speed Manual Gearbox


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It seems like every time we turn around, some other site has an “inside source” that is spilling the beans on the next-generation Corvette. We’ve heard rumors and speculation that the 2014 Corvette will be powered by a turbo, or that it will be mid-engined, or it will have all-wheel drive. Whatever the case, it appears that everyone is talking within the C7 program as yet another “inside source” has come forward to leak new details on the development of the C7.

The latest rumor comes from whose “trusted source” is telling them that the 2014 C7 Corvette will be available in a seven-speed manual transmission.

Having that additional gear could be seen as a way to increase fuel-efficiency as an overdrive gear, but it might also allow Chevy engineers to tighten up the lower gears for improved performance.

In addition to the transmission, Inside Line’s source is saying that the upcoming GEN-V small block V8 that will power the new Corvette will continue with the 16-valve pushrod architecture and will see the addition of fuel-saving technologies like direct injection and a variable valve lift system.

The addition of a seven-speed transmission for the Corvette comes on the heals of the announcement from Porsche earlier this month that it will offer a seven-speed manual gearbox and a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission on the 2012 911.

Transmission rumors for the C7 Corvette date back to October 2007 when the details of the GM-UAW agreement listed upcoming projects at all the GM factories. One in particular was this from the Toledo, OH transmission plant which read “RWD DCT for NG Corvette will be allocated (2012)”. The DCT typically refers to the dual clutch transmissions and 2012 was the previously the expected model year that the C7 would debut.


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  1. Sorry all you traditional Corvette peeps but the Corvette has to move further into the 21st century if it wants to keep up with the eurocrap and technojap supercars. What has to come with the C7 is AWD and a dual clutch manumatic for it to survive in the supercar class. With how the Nissan GT-R and Porsche GT2/Turbo’s are setting amazing 0-60 and 1/4 mile times, the ZR1 and Z06 need this to compete. Just think what an AWD, Sport Cup tire, 700hp, 3200lb C7 ZR1 would be capable of! OUCH.

    The fact that the Vette guys finally woke up after all my hundreds of letters (more like 90 plus;) asking them to add the Michelin Sport Cup tires to the ZR1, I knew for a fact that it would cut at least 5 seconds off the Nurburgring times because at my home track, just by changing from the PS2 stock tires on my Z06 to the sport cup tires that the Dodge ACR Viper used to set the old N-ring record I knocked off a ton of time. I went from a 1:30.23 to an amazing 1:24.55 with just the tire change and have not looked back since. This was in late 2009. So having AWD and a 7sp dual clutch tranny as an option along with the 7sp manual is a thing the Corvette will need to compete in the future.

    Now for having a mid engine Corvette or a turbo six cylinder? this is soemthing that is not needed now or in the future in my opinion. The one thing that I’m totally for is keeping the engine big n torqey. But this won’t be up to the manufacturers but will be something others will be in control of.

    Mine would be a C7 ZR1 with an LS7 Super Charged big ole V8, AWD, 7sp manual, 3200lbs, Michelin Sport Cup tires…..700 plus HP easy!

    For those that don’t know, the 2012 ZR1 with the Michelin Sport Cup tires set the new Nurburgring record for production cars and is the first to run under 7:20 at 7:19.63 verified. Until we see video of Porsches 2012 GT2 doing it’s “we have to take Porsches word for it” run of 7:18.90, the ZR1 is the king. You would think a manufacturer that is head quartered down the road from the N-ring would know to take video of their run for verification of it. Just think if the Corvette crew came out and said “we just ran a 7:19.63 at the N-ring but we don’t have video of it, just take our word for it!” Um, yeah that would not go over at all with the other manufacturers, magazine/Internet columnists or bloggers at all and most of them would not count it. But with Porsche we have to take their word for it? I don’t think so!

    Hey, Thanks for letting me vent a bit!

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