Motor Trend: The Truth about the C7 Corvette


Motor Trend: The Truth about the C7 Corvette

When GM’s North American President Mark Reuss visitied Bowling Green in May to announce the $131 million in upgrades to the Corvette Assembly Plant, he said in his speech that the C7 Corvette with be “completely different”. That statement has set off a number of speculative reports about the C7, from Autocar still talking about a mid-engine design while the Detroit Bureau breathlessly opined about GM developing a 3.0-litre turbocharged V8. Motor Trend has offered their take on the C7 in the August 2011 issue as well as debunking some of the irrational speculation surrounding the next generation Corvette.

Let’s step back for a second to roll through what we do know about the C7 Corvette. We know that it will arrive as a 2014 model and should be available in the later half of 2013. GM VP of Global Design Ed Welburn says the new Corvette will have a split rear window inspired by the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe. We also know that one of the major design parameters is about shaving weight from the car to help increase fuel economy. Finally, we know that GM is developing a new generation of V8s which should be be ready by the time 2013 rolls around. Everything else we’ve heard is speculation.

In its latest report on the C7, Motor Trend dispenses with the three major rumors surrounding the new Corvette. Motor Trend’s Mike Conners says the new Corvette will not feature a mid-engine design, will not have a base V6 engine that supercharged or turbocharged, and will not feature a wankel rotary-powered engine (that rumor was new to me).

Motor Trend says GM is very happy with the current C6 Corvette as its already one of the best handling sports cars on the market. The new platform is being tweaked to improve the drivers feel and feedback from the chassis, the goal being to allow even novices to get more out of their Corvettes at track events.

The C6 is slightly shorter than the Porsche 911 and those dimensions are expected to change substantially. As engineers and designers for the Corvette look to shed pounds, expect a greater use of lightweight metals and composite materials throughout.

Motor Trend says the most visible change will be to the interior, as Corvette has long suffered a reputation for Colbalt-cheap interiors at Cadillac prices. The goal for the C7 Corvette will be an interior design, materials, and fit and finish that is worthy of a $100K sticker in a $70K sports car.

Finally, Motor Trend alludes to a special 60th anniversary model that will be the C6’s swan song. We’ve heard rumors of a white and red special edition and the magazine says “Don’t be surprised to see Polo White convertibles with red interiors, but forget about a six-cylinder with Powerglide.”

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  1. a more upmarket interior should be high on their list aswell. I for one would love to see a mid engined 4WD Corvette.

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