[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner at the NCM Bash


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's Tommy Milner at the NCM Bash

Tommy Milner joined Doug Fehan and Dan Binks for a luncheon with the Corvette Racing team at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash. In this video, driver Tommy Milner talks about his experiences so far in his inaugural year in the C6.R as well as giving the enthusiasts in the crowd some highlights of his brief but highly successful racing career.

Milner has been very impressive in the first two races at Sebring and Long Beach. Now the focus is on Le Mans. Milner has raced twice before at Le Mans, but not within the last three years. ACO rules required him to run 10 laps during the Le Mans test in April. Fehan tells the story that at then end of every session, there is always one driver who had the fastest time. At the end of the Le Mans test, it was Milner who was the fastest of the four C6.R drivers and that’s why Fehan calls him “Plug and Play”.

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