[VIDEO] Reliving Corvette vs Porsche at Laguna Seca in 2009


Check out this great recap of the battle between Corvette Racing and the Flying Lizard Porsche at last year’s season ending race at Laguna Seca. Both Magnussen and Bergmeister received a two-race probation for the incident which left the #3 Corvette C6.R badly damaged and Jan with a broken tailbone.

Since that fateful sprint to the finish, Magnussen and Bergmeister have both made comments that show the true professionalism of both drivers.

“We talked afterwards and we both had the same perspective about what happened and how it happened,” Bergmeister said. “On the flight to Daytona [in January], we were on the same plane and Jan came over and we talked. I said, ‘Well I was trying to push you towards the wall.’ And he said, ‘I was trying to push me in the other direction.’ At some point, physics got in the way and it didn’t work out anymore.”

Magnussen shared a similar viewpoint of the incident: “Last year’s race was fantastic except for the last 50 yards,” he said. “We spoke about it and [understood] that we’re going to have to race each other hard many times this year. Stuff like that can’t can’t happen. We have no hard feelings and we’re just going to go at it like nothing happened.”

Check out John Dagys’ ALMS Laguna Seca Friday Notebook for the full story.

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