[VIDEO] GM CEO Fritz Henderson Discusses Corvette’s Future


GM CEO Fritz Henderson Discusses Corvette's Future

Autoweek.com sat down with new GM CEO Fritz Henderson and the Corvette’s future came up in the discussion. Fritz made it clear that the focus for Corvette is on the current C6 platform and making changes and upgrades to insure “it maintains its leadership position”.

When asked about the hold placed on the C7 development, Henderson commented that it would take a significant investment to have the car make another leap forward, but since the current architecture is so good, the plan for now is to make sure the current Corvette continues to improve every year.

I don’t know about you, but Henderson’s comments left me feeling very uninspired. Not just on the future development of the C7, but his discussion of the current C6 was very bland, almost clinical. Anyone else have that opinion?


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