[VIDEO] Juechter: Corvette Grand Sport is the New Z51


Team Corvette Grand Sport Walk-Around

On Day 2 of the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, members of the Corvette Team assembled outside on the NCM Logo Circle with two newly built 2010 Grand Sports. Unlike Day 1’s seminar, this walk-around focused more on the improvements with performance. As Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter discussed the new model, he consistently compared the components on the GS to the Z51, using descriptions like “better” and “faster”. But you Z51 aficionados don’t despair, Tadge tells of the new Z52 package that will have you searching for the emblems at your favorite parts dealer.

The Grand Sport Z16 option is replacing the Z51 when it comes to performance. The Grand Sport gets the Z06’s tires and brakes as well as a uniquely tuned suspension. The Grand Sport does at least a 1g so it corners better than the Z51 and its initially reported 0-60 mph times have been sub-4s but engineering is saying it will be 4.0.

“I should point out that now this is essentially what a Z51 was. You used to check the box and get the z51 performance content now we’re replacing that with the Z16 which is this wide package that were calling the Grand Sport.”

Tadge Juechter – Corvette Chief Engineer

Tadge also introduced a new package for “those serious about tracking their cars” called the Z52. This RPO only comes on manual transmissions coupes. The 6-Speed transmission has the same aggressive gear ratios as the Z51. Selected hardware from the Z06 and ZR1 is incorporated. The battery was moved to the right rear corner in the back to make way for a drysump oil pump, a first for an LS3 Corvette.

Harlan Charles ends the conversation on the walk-around by reiterating the performance numbers of 1g lateral, 4.0 (or better) 0-60 mph time in a 26 mpg car. In his closing remarks he invited a couple southern senators to come check out the Corvettes at the NCM as proof of GM building cars people want.

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