Auction Results: The Last C5 Corvette Convertible Sells for $32,500


2004 Corvette Convertible - The Last C5 Convertible

Chevrolet dealer and noted collector Bob McDorman has brought nearly a dozen of his Corvettes to the Mecum auction in Kissimmee, Florida this weekend to sell. Unlike many of McDorman’s Corvettes that feature low VIN’s, lot #F266, a 2004 Corvette Convertible, has a high VIN at 31,945, but it is unique as it holds the distinction of being the last C5 convertible produced.

The last C5 Convertible is a 2004 Commemorative Edition Corvette, painted in LeMans Blue and outfitted with Shale interior, special embroidery and badges. Following production, the Corvette was sent over to the Museum where it was used as a “Give-Away” car. We are unsure of exactly how the Corvette came into possession of Bob McDorman, but like many Corvettes in his collection, the mileage is low with just 2,600 miles reading on the odometer.

This Corvette hit the Mecum auction block a little after 9pm on Friday night and was sold for $32,500. We thought it was a good deal for both buyer and seller as the price was in-line for a low mileage, condition 1 2004 Corvette convertible. The fact that it’s the last C5 Convertible and a former Bob McDorman Corvette will undoubtedly make it more valuable as time goes by.

Mecum Auction

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