[VIDEO] VetteGirl.TV Video Series Makes Debut


VetteGirl.TV Video Series

Becky Anderson is a typical mother of three, but after meeting Patrick Gramm of Digital Corvettes and Vette Dogs fame, she trades in the minivan for Patrick’s 2002 Z06 Corvette race car. “Becky has no qualifications whatsoever to be a Corvette race car driver, except for her enthusiasim and desire to go really fast.” This is the set up for the first episode of Vette Girl, a new weekly video series that chronicles Becky’s pursuit of speed. According to some of the comments from Patrick, the show has grand aspirations for 40 episodes this year.

Here’s the first episode which has Becky taking the broken Z06 to the shop and acutally gets a lesson on performing some of the mechanical upgrades herself:

New episodes of Vette Girl’s racing adventures will be shown on DigitalCorvettes.com when available. Also, check out the forums for discussing the videos.


[VIDEO] Vette Dogs Corvette TV Show Makes Debut

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