[VIDEO] Sixties Corvette To Make Warp Speed in Next Star Trek Movie?


Corvette Sting Ray on Location for Star Trek Movie Shoot

This will be my second movie-related post this weekend, both of which are related to 60’s television shows and midyear Corvettes. J.J. Abrams is bringing yet another Star Trek movie to the big screen next year and according to some of the fan blogs, there’s quite a bit of flashbacks going on, including one that involves a 1965-66 Red Corvette convertible with a white soft top and hubcaps.

The reason we know this is that someone related to the location shoot caused a traffic accident while turning into the location set. TV cameras from KERO showed up and caught the Corvette on the back of a special car hauler.

The Bakersfield CA location is supposed to be Iowa (sans mountains!), the home state of Captain Kirk. We’ll have to wait to see the movie to understand what a classic Corvette Sting Ray has to do with Space…The Final Frontier.


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