Appreciating Corvettes: Top 12 Price Gainers of 2007


1996 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster

The 2007 ‘Corvette’ calendar was quite interesting in many ways. We particularly noted record prices for quality, documented first and second generation Corvettes. More and more of these models have been restored and brought to market, many with NCRS certification and Bloomington Gold Awards in tow. These vehicles continue to sell at top dollar while those termed in ‘average’ condition are showing somewhat positive results, however not in the double digit appreciation results we have see over the past few years.

Rare low production numbered Vettes continue to sell at record prices including late models. A classic example is the 1996 Grand Sport holding the #2 spot on our appreciation chart.

Data from the Corvette Price Guide comes from analyzing the selling prices of over 5,800 Corvettes during 2007 and then comparing the sales figures to years prior. That method has proven to be a statistically accurate measure of the Corvette Market.

Top Appreciation Models
Year Make % Change Average Price
1953 Roadster 192% $316,250
1996 GS Roadster 50% $65,000
1955 Roadster 38% $81,000
1954 Roadster 30% $65,750
1963 Coupe 19% $49,900
1969 T-Top 17% $23,600
1996 GS Coupe 14% $38,200
1958 Roadster 13% $52,000
1969 Roadster 12% $27,900
1956 Roadster 11% $54,500
1967 Roadster 11% $58,200
1971 Roadster 11% $26,000

More analysis of the Top 12 appreciating Corvettes after the jump.

The 1953 Corvette has shown astronomical results and was the hot ticket during 2007. Normally one or two surface each year, however, several were sold during the year at record prices.

The same holds true for the 1996 Grand Sport, a limited production Corvette made up of 190 Roadster and 810 Coupes. We noted a number sold with mileage numbers under the 300 mark.

The 1955 Corvette, another low production Corvette with only 700 built holds down the number three spot on the chart.

Much to our surprise, the 1954 model is caught up in the 1953 Corvette hype and has become a ‘tag-along’. However, in defense of the 1954 Roadster’s appreciation, we note that it does offer three rare factory paint colors, Black, Red and Blue.

The popularity of the first generation continues with the unique body panels and trim of the 1958.

The 1956 model, which follows in the Top Ten sequence for appreciation, was the first to offer an eight cylinder motor coupled with a manual transmission.

Two mid-year Corvettes are listed on the chart as well, the 1963 Coupe had been undervalued in recent years even though the split-window continues to draw special attention to this Corvette.

The mid-year icon, the 1967 Roadster, also makes a repeat appearance on this list. When one mentions mid-year Corvettes those words are usually followed by, “is or was it a 1967 Corvette”.

Three third generation Corvettes are on the chart and moving up in value. Many of the buyers recognize they cannot afford first and second generation Corvettes and are purchasing chrome bumper Corvettes that have numerous motor options and continued appreciation results.

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Bob Kroupa of VETTE-N-VESTMENTS provided this analysis of 2007’s top price gainers. VETTE-N-VESTMENTS is the data provider for the annual guide and publisher of the monthly Corvette Market Letter.

Data Provided by Vette-N-Vestments

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Appreciating Corvettes: Top 12 Price Gainers of 2006

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