Mecum Kissimmee 2008 Results: $4.5 Million in Corvette Sales


1970 LT-1 Corvette Convertible

Mecum’s High Performance Auction came to Kissimmee in January and put on a great auction despite an occasional shower or two on Saturday. The three day auction racked up $15 million in total car sales with Corvettes bringing in just under $4.5 million. Of the 162 Corvettes offered, 102 changed hands giving the Kissimmee auction a 63.3% sales percentage for Corvette.

The top selling Corvette was the #112 1953 Corvette I documented in this auction video. The first-year Corvette was sold to Proteam for $249,900. A Silver/Black 1967 Corvette Convertible with a L71 427 ci 435 hp engine was second on the Corvette sales list with a selling price of $188,000. This Corvette featured Silver Pearl paint with black interior and a black stinger hood. The Corvette is documented with its original tank sticker, Corvette Owner’s Manual, Owner Protection Plan booklet and has a Bloomington Gold Certificate and two Top Flights Awards from the NCRS.

One of my favorite Corvettes that made the sold column (and is pictured above) was a 1970 LT1 Convertible with just 9,174 original miles. The Corvette was purchased new in 1970 by Jose Ramirez. Jose seldom drove it and stopped driving the Corvette altogether in 1979 because it wasn’t running properly. In 2006 it was discovered that the plug wires had been installed incorrectly. The Corvette sat in his driveway from 1979 until 1992. At some point, a tree limb fell on the nose damaging both headlight doors. The city of Galesburg, IL requested Jose move the car due to their derelict auto ordinance. When he did not, the city had the Corvette towed (the tow trick driver had to use a chainsaw to free the Vette from the tree limb). Jose then chose to pay $200 per month for the next 14 years to have it stored indoors. It was untouched there until he passed away in 2006. The car was sold to Proteam Corvette for $72,450.

The complete Corvette sales results from Mecum’s Kissimmee auction are after the jump.

Lot Year Description Sales Price
S1091953Chevrolet Corvette$249,900.00
F11957Chevrolet Corvette$72,450.00
S1621957Chevrolet Corvette$74,550.00
F130.11961Chevrolet Corvette$59,850.00
F2871961Chevrolet Corvette$55,650.00
S1491961Chevrolet Corvette$90,300.00
S1851961Chevrolet Corvette$91,875.00
S2161961Chevrolet Corvette$59,850.00
S60.11961Chevrolet Corvette$88,000.00
F511962Chevrolet Corvette$46,200.00
F269.11963Chevrolet Corvette$49,875.00
S1241963Chevrolet Corvette$97,650.00
S1361963Chevrolet Corvette$79,275.00
S641963Chevrolet Corvette$48,500.00
S85.11963Chevrolet Corvette$83,000.00
F1181964Chevrolet Corvette$37,275.00
F47.11964Chevrolet Corvette$30,450.00
F1771965Chevrolet Corvette$58,275.00
F212.11965Chevrolet Corvette$48,300.00
F991965Chevrolet Corvette$61,950.00
S1051965Chevrolet Corvette$61,950.00
S1171965Chevrolet Corvette$91,350.00
F1421966Chevrolet Corvette$65,625.00
F1741966Chevrolet Corvette$61,950.00
F2161966Chevrolet Corvette$44,630.00
F2861966Chevrolet Corvette$29,925.00
S1341966Chevrolet Corvette$108,150.00
S1391966Chevrolet Corvette$99,750.00
S187.11966Chevrolet Corvette$52,000.00
S2211966Chevrolet Corvette$80,000.00
S421966Chevrolet Corvette$47,250.00
S45.11966Chevrolet Corvette$74,550.00
S461966Chevrolet Corvette$69,825.00
T1401966Chevrolet Corvette$64,100.00
F1701967Chevrolet Corvette$52,500.00
S1351967Chevrolet Corvette$188,000.00
S1561967Chevrolet Corvette$136,500.00
S2111967Chevrolet Corvette$135,450.00
S431967Chevrolet Corvette$63,000.00
S781967Chevrolet Corvette$63,000.00
F671968Chevrolet Corvette$24,675.00
S1801968Chevrolet Corvette$54,600.00
T1371968Chevrolet Corvette$33,600.00
S1891969Chevrolet Corvette$78,750.00
S1921969Chevrolet Corvette$29,925.00
S341969Chevrolet Corvette$39,375.00
S1141970Chevrolet Corvette$72,450.00
S681970Chevrolet Corvette$32,550.00
S731970Chevrolet Corvette$35,700.00
U601970Chevrolet Corvette$15,000.00
F1251971Chevrolet Corvette$38,850.00
F2121971Chevrolet Corvette$23,625.00
F521971Chevrolet Corvette$27,825.00
S271971Chevrolet Corvette$45,150.00
S321971Chevrolet Corvette$42,250.00
S571971Chevrolet Corvette$26,250.00
T1041971Chevrolet Corvette$22,050.00
T1431971Chevrolet Corvette$29,400.00
T1101972Chevrolet Corvette$26,775.00
F1931973Chevrolet Corvette$18,900.00
S311973Chevrolet Corvette$25,988.00
F141974Chevrolet Corvette$18,000.00
F601974Chevrolet Corvette$19,950.00
F991974Chevrolet Corvette$24,675.00
T1411974Chevrolet Corvette$33,600.00
T231975Chevrolet Corvette$22,575.00
F81976Chevrolet Corvette$11,813.00
U31.11976Chevrolet Corvette$11,250.00
F551977Chevrolet Corvette$12,863.00
F1631978Chevrolet Corvette$30,450.00
F1811978Chevrolet Corvette$23,100.00
F1871978Chevrolet Corvette$16,538.00
F40.11978Chevrolet Corvette$11,288.00
S261978Chevrolet Corvette$23,100.00
T1821978Chevrolet Corvette$21,000.00
F481979Chevrolet Corvette$24,150.00
F871979Chevrolet Corvette$7,750.00
F881979Chevrolet Corvette$10,763.00
T1761979Chevrolet Corvette$8,700.00
F3081980Chevrolet Corvette$24,150.00
F561980Chevrolet Corvette$16,800.00
F1861981Chevrolet Corvette$17,588.00
U481981Chevrolet Corvette$9,750.00
F30.11982Chevrolet Corvette$9,500.00
T1691982Chevrolet Corvette$15,750.00
T271985Chevrolet Corvette$5,550.00
F2991987Chevrolet Corvette$6,000.00
S1.11987Chevrolet Corvette$6,700.00
T431987Chevrolet Corvette$12,338.00
F2831990Chevrolet Corvette$17,000.00
T1831990Chevrolet Corvette$19,425.00
S91991Chevrolet Corvette$10,000.00
F2731992Chevrolet Corvette$11,000.00
T391993Chevrolet Corvette$9,500.00
T711993Chevrolet Corvette$11,025.00
T741994Chevrolet Corvette$11,025.00
S1641995Chevrolet Corvette$29,925.00
T1781996Chevrolet Corvette$12,350.00
T1391997Chevrolet Corvette$20,475.00
T941997Chevrolet Corvette$16,500.00
F462000Chevrolet Corvette$24,150.00
F352004Chevrolet Corvette$32,550.00
Total Sales: $4,496,984.00

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Auction Results: [VIDEO] 1953 Corvette Sold for $261,800

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