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Phase III

Corvettes on eBay: Mail Order Baldwin Motion Phase III Corvette

During the horsepower era of the sixties and early seventies, several dealers and tuners rose to prominence as the place to go if you wanted more performance out of your Chevrolet.

We’ve recently featured a 1969 Corvette from Nickey Chevrolet in Chicago, which was a great place to have your Corvette souped up if you lived in the midwest. But if you lived over on the east coast, chances are your dealership/tuner of choice would be Joel Rosen and Baldwin Motion on Long Island, NY.


Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette at Eyes on Design Show

by Guest Contributor on June 26, 2011

Baldwin-Motion Corvette at Eyes on Design Show

Article contributed by Steve Burns

A couple weeks back we stumbled across a rare Baldwin-Motion Corvette for sale on eBay. On Father’s Day we took Dad to the 24th annual Eyes on Design Car Show which is held on the scenic grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house in Grosse Pointe Shore, MI. Being an invitation-only all-car show, we didn’t expect to see but just a couple of nice Corvettes in attendance. Imagine our surprise when we noticed this yellow 1970 Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette tucked in with a group of Yenko, Nickey, and Baldwin-Motion cars. Check out some pics of this rare bird after the jump.


Last Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette Found

by Keith Cornett on September 27, 2010

Last Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette Found

Joel Rosen’s east coast-based Motion Performance Speed Shop was legendary for building unbeatable muscle cars in the Sixties and seventies. Teaming up with Baldwin Chevrolet, customers could order a Corvette which would be torn down and rebuilt into an 11.5 second drag car, complete with factory warranty.

One the creations of Rosen was the Phase III GT which made its debut at the International Auto Show in New York City in April, 1969. Motion Performance would build just 12 of the 500+ horsepower grand touring Corvettes with the last one leaving the shop in 1971. That last Phase III GT Corvette was recently purchased from the family of the original owner and has been restored back to original condition and will be displayed at the Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals in November.