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Hang a Replica of Your Corvette on the Wall with Artwork from Danny Whitfield

Corvette owners are funny in the way that they love to look at their cars. When they drive it out somewhere and have to park, they do so where the can look at it. When they go to shows, they get some chairs and hang out to watch others look at it. Some even go to extremes like building a website to celebrate their Corvette or they share photo after photo of their rides on social media. Some owners even send Christmas cards featuring their Corvettes out to folks every year.

The point is Corvette owners love their cars and they love to look at them. For those that have this affliction, I got a really cool website to share with you which features the automotive art of former GM and Ford designer Danny Whitfield.

Buy This Artwork for $150,000 and Get a Free 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

Back in the early 1980s, I was stuck with an old Buick that I tried to sell for months for $500. I finally got so desperate that I ran a humorous ad hoping for a response, something along the lines of: “Free 1979 Buick, with purchase of $500 watermelon.” I finally sold the car for $300 but left it running outside the tire store where the new owner picked it up. I was afraid it might not crank again and he’d call off the deal.

Now, fast forward to 2013, and this offer we bring you today is so-o-o-o-o much better. If you buy this beautiful abstract 40×60 painting of a blue 1963 Corvette by Timothy Raines, you get a real Split Window Coupe for free!

Give the Gift of Corvette Artwork from Scott Teeters' Illustrated Corvette Series

If you’ve been around the Corvette hobby for awhile then you have most likely seen examples of Scott Teeter’s Corvette artwork. Scott has been illustrating Corvettes since the mid-seventies and his column The Illustrated Corvette Series has run in every issue of VETTE magazine since the Spring of 1997.

Scott’s artistry is on display at www.IllustratedCorvetteSeries.com and his Corvette drawings would make a great gift for the Corvette enthusiast in your life! Check out some of Scott’s latest work, the Corvette Postage Stamp Series.

[VIDEO] Custom Corvette Artwork From David Mills

Artist David Mills creates this awesome Corvette-themed artwork and while we’re sure it took him hours upon hours to finish, thanks to time lapse video, we can see how it all comes together under six minutes. One of the interesting features is the use of illustrations from our friend K. Scott Teeters at the Illustrated Corvette Series.

Corvette Artwork: Dan McCrary Automotive Art

Article contributed by Steve Burns

If you’re like us you’ve probably got some type of man cave or car corner somewhere in your house or garage. No collection of automobilia is complete without some great artwork attached to the walls. If you’re looking to add some really cool scenes to your collection then check out artist Dan McCrary and some of his fantastic water color pieces.

GM's Corvette Studio Artwork Become Framed Objects of Desire

As an automotive buff and especially as a Corvette enthusiast, I love to look at the drawings made by members of the GM design studio as they sketched out new designs and ideas for America’s sports car. Before you could buy a Corvette, GM’s studio artists first had to sketch it. And now thanks to Route 427’s “Art in Motion”, you can own some of the most iconic automotive artwork ever produced during the heyday of automotive design.