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Storm Levels Tents at Russo & Steele Arizona Auction

by Keith Cornett on January 22, 2010

Flashbacks of the storm that hammered Corvettes at Carlisle a couple years back. Only worse. Tommorrow the real damage will be known.

Source: via Sports Car Market

Storm Hammers Corvettes at Carlisle


The “accident” at the end of this video has been up on YouTube for a while but it was just today I learned that the driver had picked up the C5 Corvette Z06 from a dealer and was on a test drive. In this extended version, the Corvette driver is being an absolute ass by tailgating, fishtailing and doing donuts on public roads leading up to the crash.

The announcer says the dealer decided not to press charges which leads me to wonder if they ever saw this tape? Well one thing is for certain. Unlike the guy who fried the clutch in a Z06, our driver here at least knows how to do a burnout!


[FAIL] Man Roasts Corvette Z06′s Clutch Instead of Tires
Corvette ZHZ Watch: Utah Man Puts Hertz Rent-A-Vette into Ditch


[PIC] This 1985 Corvette is on Fire! Literally!

by Keith Cornett on December 27, 2009

This 1985 Corvette is on Fire! Literally!
Photo Credit: Horace Langford Jr / Pahrump Valley Times

Someone’s Corvette dream turned into a nightmare last week as the Pahrump Valley Fire Department was called to put out an engine fire in a 1985 Corvette.


[FAIL] Man Roasts Corvette Z06′s Clutch Instead of Tires

by Keith Cornett on December 23, 2009

This video is wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. I’d wager that most of us (me included) have done something stupid in our Corvettes. But to then have your moment of stupidity uploaded to youtube for all posterity is a badge of shame I’d wish on no one.


1984 Corvette Crumpled in Winter Storm
Photo Credit: Colleen White / Watertown Daily Times

Michael P. Keegan returned to his Plank Road home in the town of Watertown on Wednesday to find his 1984 Corvette crumpled under two toppled maple trees. No one was injured or home at the time. The storm left 5,000 National Grid customers without power.

Source: Watertown Daily Times

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Another View of the Corvette C6.R/Porsche ALSM GT2 Battle at Laguna Seca

I received this youtube video link from John in California. The amateur video shot from the stands shows the conclusion of the ALMS race at Laguna Seca. The video clearly captures what we believed the sequence of events were all along: Magnussen was in front of Bergmeister in the Flying Lizards Porsche and was pulling away. Contact between the two cars caused the #3 Corvette C6.R to spin in front of the #45 Porsche and hard into the inside wall.


Corvette Gets Fished Out of Lake

Corvette Hall of Famer Myron Scott is best known as the man who named the Corvette. According to the National Corvette Museum, Myron was reading the dictionary under “C” looking for a name to call a new Chevrolet sports car when he came across Corvette, a speedy pursuit ship in the British Navy.


Missing Roof Panel? No Big Deal!

by Keith Cornett on April 24, 2006

Automotive pundits have jumped all over the story of a Z06 that lost its roof at 60 mph as told by the owner on

“I still can’t believed this happened. Had just shifted out of first @ around 6900-7000k, hit 2nd and hear a loud crack, pull over and my roof is missing…”

Some want you to believe that this problem is a result of shoddy workmanship or inferior materials. If we are talking about multiple examples, then I would be open to listening to these arguments. Others are all over the story because they think they finally found the Achilles heal of the Z06. GM did issue a recall for C6 Coupes relating to the laminate separating from the panel. Whether or not the Z06 has a similar problem has yet to be decided.

All manufactures from Porsche to Kia have defects in their products. Some have more than others. Corvette has won kudos from owners and industry awards for one of the smallest reported defects per car. Now, when the Z06 in question lost its top, was it scary for the owner? Yes. Could a flying roof panel cause safety issues with other vehicles on the road? Yes! But until it happens more than once, I’m unconvinced that this is a systemic problem to the Z06 in particular and Corvette in general.

In a related note, I got a good laugh listing to the Jalopnik podcast (precast) about this story. Seems there is some confusion on what to call a Corvette’s roof:

“First off, we have to say that the Corvette that had a roof fly off was a Z06. So when you’re listening to Farago and I talking about it being a coupe with a bolted on Targa top we’re talking about a Z06 that only comes as a coupe and not the regular Corvette C6 that only comes with a removable Targa. So when we say “coupe” we really mean Z06. It’s all very confusing.”

Let me help set the record straight with a little lesson on the vernacular when discussing Corvette body styles:

Corvette Coupe: A single roof panel that stretches across the entire top. Some are painted, some are tinted glass. Porsche owns the “targa” name, so technically you can’t call it a targa top. It’s a roof panel.

Corvette Z06: The Z06 evolved from the early C5 hardtop or Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC). It’s not a coupe because the roof is not removable.

Corvette Convertible: The soft top folds into a storage area behind the seats allowing the passengers to bask in the sun.


Flying Car Wrecks Corvettes

by Keith Cornett on August 8, 2005

I find it amazing when searching some of the aggregator sites for Corvette news, all I can find are stories about how some guy dies while speeding in his Corvette. This blog will not be the place for these types of stories, but in some cases when a Corvette is involved in a spectacular crash, and nobody was injured, it may be worth commenting on.

And such is the story behind Pat and Mike Shannon, owners of a 1990 and 1995 Corvette, as well as a 1993 Cadillac Seville.

Imagine waking up and hearing a horrendous crash in the middle night and finding out that all three of your cars were destroyed by a drunk driver.

A New Paltz, NY man had left a party down the street from the Shannon house. He lost control of his car, drove up a lawn and went airborne with his car over a steep dropoff.

Getting air for at least 15 feet, his car landed on top of all three vehicles the Shannon’s owned, a 1993 Cadillac Seville, a blue 1990 Corvette and a red 1995 Corvette. The impact pushed the Cadillac into the SShannon’s garage.

The Shannons had purchased the red Corvette only two months earlier. They had made arrangements to sell the blue Corvette, and the buyer was scheduled to arrive in a few days to complete the purchase.

Click here for the entire news article

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