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Corvette Lifestyles

TIVO Alert: Corvette on Speed’s Victory By Design

by Keith Cornett on February 2, 2007

This is the show hosted by Alain DeCadenet. The Corvette episode is 60 minutes long and is followed by a 30 minute “Making of” episode. Knowing that Alain was able to procure and drive various one-of-a-kind, tens-of-millions-dollar-value Ferraris (Including important race cars) for that marque’s episode, the Corvette episode should be real interesting. The show airs tonight at 9:00 pm Est on Speed with a reairing at 1:00 am EST. Looks like a member of has volunteered to post a copy of the show in the morning. If there is a link available, we’ll link you over to it.
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Flickr Photo of the Day: Corvettes ‘N Clouds

by Keith Cornett on January 31, 2007

Something about this photo just stopped me dead in my tracks. Of course I am a sucker for Cross Flag emblems and I like a highly-polished paint job. Perhaps it was the blue contrasting with the colors of the flags and the reflections of the clouds. Whatever the case, I thought it was worth sharing. Extra credit is given for those who can name the year(s) of the Corvette this emblem was used.

Corvettes N Clouds
Check out Smenzel’s photostream on Flickr, who seems to have a thing for classic automotive badges and hood ornaments.
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Vette Magazine: A Conversation with Reeves Callaway

by Keith Cornett on January 29, 2007

Reeves Callaway and the 2007 Callaway C16Back in the 80′s, Callaway Cars became the first GM Authorized tuner of new Corvettes offered through Chevrolet dealerships. Callaway’s twin-turbo B2K program (the RPO code for the Callaway option) became the genesis for a company that would go on to produce the 254 MPH Corvette Sledgehammer, the 450 HP SuperNaturals and the radically modified C12. Basking in the glow of his latest project, the Callaway C16, Reeves Callaway takes some time to talk with Vette Magazine about why one of the most recognized brands in the Corvette tuner industry has gotten back into the game. In addition to the C16 program, Callaway offers a variety of performance options for the C6 Corvette, most notably the Callaway Superchargers. And talk about turnkey! A customer can order a new Corvette, have it shipped to a Callaway facility where it is modified and tested, and then shipped to the dealer for delivery. The modified Corvettes carry a 5-Year, 100K Mile warranty to boot! But perhaps some the biggest news out of the interview is Callaway’s intention to return to LeMans with 2 Callaway cars competing in the GT2 class. Reeves claims there are a lot of hurdles to cross before the final commitment is made, most notably development and sponsorship issues. Click here to read the entire interview at Vette Magazine.
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Corvette Assembly Plant Wants Owner Feedback

by Keith Cornett on January 28, 2007

Bowling Green Assembly Plant's WebsiteThe Bowling Green Assembly Plant has launched a new feature on their website called owner feedback. Tom Hill, the Vehicle Assembly Engineering Manager was at the NCRS Winter Regional in Kissimmee a week ago to meet with owners and to get the word out about the Owner Feedback section. The Corvette team has made a big commitment to listen to owners opinions, comments and problems. They especially want your thoughts on how GM can make future Corvettes better. To participate, visit and click the yellow Owner Feedback button at the bottom. You will be required to enter your Corvette’s Year, VIN and mileage. Tom said that Chevrolet has given the green light for developing the the C7 Corvette. Now is your opportunity to help shape the next generation Corvette.
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Integrate Your Ipod To Your Corvette With IConnect

by Keith Cornett on January 27, 2007

Integrate Your Ipod To Your Corvette With IConnectA few months ago, news came from GM about the Personal Audio Link (PAL) that would allow you to “plug-in” your iPod and give you control of the player through your stereo and steering wheel controls. Of course, like all GM announcements, months or even years can pass between the announcement and the actual availability of the product. If you want to play your iPod though your stereo now, you have a variety of choices but none seem to have the integration with factory GM radios like’s iConnect. Corvette Forum member Bill aka “wmhpmp” was looking for just a solution for connecting his iPod to his 2006 Corvette convertible and had heard about the IConnect. Like GM’s PAL, the IConnect is attached through the XM radio control unit and allows full control of your iPod player. You don’t have to be an XM subscriber to use the IConnect, just have a radio that is XM capable. Check out Bill’s photos and text of his installation of the iConnect on the Corvette Forum. The iConnect is an approved Apple device. Full song/Artist and playlist information is shown, and your iPod is recharged while plugged into the iConnect. The iConnect retails for $249 and carries a three year warranty. It is available through new car dealers.
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Where are the 427 Corvette Emblems, GM?

by Keith Cornett on January 24, 2007

Z06 Corvette with 427 BadgeIt’s been almost a year since GM dangled the 427 Emblem in front of the Corvette masses. As Rick from says, it’s an accessory that should have been on the Z06 Corvette from day one. Having received the new 1st Quarter 2007 Accessory Booklet, the much sought-after badge is still not available. Rick spoke with GM Accessories who say that the part should be available at the beginning of 2nd Quarter. Showing the 427 badge on the new Z06 Corvette connects the legacy of the legendary big blocks of the sixties to the new highly efficient 7.0 Liter 427 ci 505 horsepower LS7 engine. Come on, GM. We need some badges!!
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Zora’s Ashes Rest at Corvette Museum

by Keith Cornett on January 19, 2007

Zora Arkus-DuntovAt the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky, there is an exhibit to Zora Arkus-Duntov, the man that many call the “father of the Corvette”. Not to go off on a tangent, but I disagree with the term, after all, the Corvette was born from the mind of design genius Harley Earl and Zora came on to the scene after seeing the Motorama Corvette in 1953. However, once at GM, no man had greater influence on the direction of the Corvette than the Belgium-born engineer. From 1953 through his retirement in 1975, Zora guided the performance and technical innovations that became synonymous with the name Corvette. He was the man responsible for such advances as disc brakes, independent rear suspension and limited-slip differentials. All these innovations became standard features on most automobiles, but they were first found on the Corvette. Prior to his death in 1996 from cancer, Zora made plans for his collection of papers, engineering designs and other memorabilia relating to the Corvette, and also made known his wishes as to where his remains would be located. And that was one of the places he loved the most, the National Corvette Museum. Bobbie Joe Lee, the NCM’s marketing and media relations manager said, “Zora asked that his ashes be brought here. He was the engineer who turned the Corvette into the world-class sports car it was meant to be.” As part of the Corvette Museum’s Zora Arkus-Duntov exhibit, an urn with his cremated remains is on display. His 1974 blue and silver Corvette is parked nearby. According to Bobbie Joe, Zora made several trips to Bowling Green to help promote the Corvette Museum. “He was at the groundbreaking ceremony,” Lee said. “That’s when he asked that his ashes be put in the museum. When his wife dies, her ashes will be placed in the urn with his.”
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Wanted: Owner with Modded Z06 Seeks Competition

by Keith Cornett on January 15, 2007

When you have a high performance sports car that you just dumped a bunch money into, usually you can’t wait to hit the streets to see what she can do against the competition. One enterprising poster on the D.C.’s Craiglist takes it a step further. He’s advertising. His ad seeks some pretty heavy hitters for “Performance Evaluations” including an AMG SL65 and a Ford GT. Oh, and if your law enforcement, you need not apply. Here is the advertisement:

I own a modified corvette 2002 Z06 and would like to do some testing versus the AMG SL65 V12 Twin Turbo and/or Ford GT Supercar…for straight-lined acceleration performance evaluations. Will pay for gas. I’m not law enforcement.
Law enforcement need not reply to this ad.

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Corvette Cruise: The 5 Bridges Run

by Keith Cornett on January 14, 2007

Last year in a post called “Ten Things To Do After Buying Your First Corvette”, I talked about joining a Corvette club and participating in events with other Corvette owners. At the time I wrote that, I was unaffiliated with any local clubs in the Tampa Bay Area. Well, New Years came around and one of my resolutions was to join a Corvette club and do some shows, events and cruises. So last week I joined Tampa Bay Vettes, a club that boasts an active membership of over 250 people. Today, I participated in a cruise called the 5 Bridges Run with over 50 Corvettes that made a 100 mile circuit across the five major bridges of Tampa Bay. It was a blast. 50 Corvettes rolling down the road is an awesome site. Corvettes from all years participated, from C1 to C6. I shot some video, which was a bit difficult when driving, but I think it captures the fun and excitement of the cruise:

If you are not a member of club, perhaps you need to make it one of your resolutions to join a local club as well! Click here for a list of Corvette Clubs.
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Corvette Museum Auctions Parts on eBay

by Keith Cornett on January 8, 2007

Corvette Museum Parts AuctionNeed some parts for your Corvette? Of course you do. Now, not only can get what you need for your ride, but you can help keep the dream alive by purchasing your parts through the National Corvette Museum’s auction listings on eBay. A donation of several pallets of new manufactured Corvette parts from Guide Corporation is allowing the Museum a unique fundraising opportunity. The parts are being placed on eBay and proceeds from the sales will benefit the Museum. Most of the Corvette parts are NOS and include grills, chrome pieces, headlamps, lenses and more. A current check of the auction shows 30 active listings with parts raging from C1 to C5. Also included are a few auctions for non-Corvette parts, but hey, the proceeds from all sales go to the Corvette Museum. Make sure you check out the listings often as new parts are being added each week.
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