[VIDEO] ‘Ungrateful Girlfriend’ Gets a Marriage Proposal in her Corvette Stingray

[VIDEO] 'Ungrateful Girlfriend' Gets a Marriage Proposal in her Corvette Stingray

Will the roar of a 2014 Stingray be replaced by the sound of wedding bells?

You’ll have to watch this video and find out as the saga of the “Ungrateful Girlfriend” continues.

We first told you last October about this fellow named Chris who surprised his girlfriend with the best gift in the world (at least for a Corvette enthusiast): a brand new black Z51 Stingray. Many people would have jumped up and down with joy after receiving such a great gift, but Pattie Goza’s apparent lack of reaction turned the Internet world upside down, as she came to be known as the “Ungrateful Girlfriend.”

Another video quickly followed in November when the boyfriend explained that Pattie was really enjoying the Corvette and even shifting the seven-speed transmission with gusto! She also started matching her outfits to the Stingray.

Then in May, we heard from the couple again when Chris shocked her again with several upgrades, including a supercharger kit that upped the LT1’s output to a whopping 794 horsepower.

Now, in the dog days of August, we get a chance to see the next logical step for this couple: Will she or won’t she marry him?

With a buddy helping video the action, we see the guy use the Stingray in the parking lot of her employer to pop the question to Pattie, who responds in her usual cool manner.

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but we can’t wait to see if the sound of a little one in a toy Corvette will be included in the next video, whenever that might be.


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