Larry Traded a New 2004 Corvette for a ’66 427/390 Big Block Convertible


Larry Trades a New 2004 Corvette for a 66 427/390 Convertible
Photo Credit: Ron Cherry

The Major League Baseball trade deadline was last week.

Larry Potter doesn’t have to worry about deadlines like that.

You see, back in 2004, he made the trade of a lifetime – gaining the keys to a friend’s beautiful 1966 Corvette roadster if Larry would just buy a new 2004 Corvette and throw the keys to his friend.

Larry did, and the rest is history.

How many people have owned a Corvette and never even driven it?

But Larry knew he wanted this super nice ’66, which was loaded with a 427/390 big block with a four-speed transmission, not to mention power steering, brakes, and windows, a telescoping teak steering wheel, leather interior, factory sidepipes, AM/FM radio with power antenna, and factory air!


Baseball teams often look back on trades and sometimes wish they hadn’t gone through with the swap. Larry has no such regrets, though, as his ’66 is now worth probably eight to 10 times what the 2004 is today.

Larry is no stranger to Corvettes. He bought his first one, a ’60, in the mid-1980s. Since then, he’s owned eight more, including a ’64, ’68, ’69, ’70, ’73, and ’02, not to mention his current “babies,” the ’66 and a 2011 Grand Sport. If you want to get picky, he’s owned a total of 10, counting the brief time he had the ’04 before making his trade.

“Every time I drive it, it is an interesting experience,” Larry said of the ’66.

Perhaps his most interesting experience came at a car show at the Yuba County Airport in Marysville, where he and his wife, Bev, posed his ’66 Corvette and her ’69 Camaro with their Turbo Mooney airplane, which he describes as “the Corvette of the sky.”

The couple had a little drag race afterwards, and Larry says he won, hesitating before he adds, “Well, at the very last, I backed off and let her win.”

Not sure if his wife would agree with that version of the outcome.


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