[STOLEN] 1957 Corvette Stolen in Gainesville, GA – UPDATE: Recovered!

[STOLEN] 1957 Corvette Stolen in Gainesville, GA

This 1957 non-fuelie Corvette that has been owned by the same family for 57 years was stolen yesterday afternoon in Gainesville, GA (Northeast of Atlanta) and their owners want it back!

Adam Boca from the NCM Insurance Agency posted the Stolen Corvette alert on his facebook page and gave us the heads up on the car. The owner of the ’57 Corvette isn’t a customer of the NCM Insurance Agency but Adam tells us he hates to see these things happen to Corvette owners.

Some of the details of the car include the VIN which is E57S103621. There is a hardtop bolted to the car. It was restored back in 1985 and there are some cracks in the body work on the front left fender. The car is also sporting mag wheels.

The owner describes the car:

It’s the bright Venetian red, has a hard top, has late model mag wheels (large), tag said “57 VET”. It is not a perfect car but is in more of a “driver” condition. It is also not a fuel injection model or anything of exceptional rarity, other than it’s age.

The car may still be in the Gainesville, GA area, possibly on a trailer being towed by a black and gold wrecker heading south into Gainesville, GA.

Click here to see a larger picture of this stolen Corvette.

If you have any tips, please contact Kelly Clark at [email protected].


A message from the owner:

I’m thrilled to report that the Hall County Sheriff’s Office investigated eyewitness reports of the car being hauled through Gainesville and were able to recover the car undamaged this evening. Their investigation will now focus on who is responsible for the theft, so I am not able to provide any more details about the recovery at this time.

I want to express my most sincere thanks to all of you who shared this information and helped draw interest to the case. You encouraged phone calls and emails today that provided information to law enforcement, which brought the car home quickly and in one piece.

My dad and mom drove this Corvette to Daytona Beach for their honeymoon in 1964. I drove it to my prom in 1989. Thanks to good folks like you, the car will continue to be part of my family’s fondest memories in the future.

Best regards,

NCM Insurance Agency

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