[VIDEO] Man Goes Mud Boggin’ in a Convertible C5 Corvette

[VIDEO] Man Goes Mud Boggin' in a Convertible C5 Corvette

We’ve heard about obsessive-compulsive owners who won’t drive their Corvette if there is even a 10 percent chance of rain in the forecast five days from now. We even heard about one guy who parked his ‘Vette underneath a car wash during a storm to wait it out – while on a date with his future wife!

Apparently the dude on this video, however, didn’t get the memo that Corvettes are something to be treasured and taken care of.

We don’t know why he did it – maybe a triple dog dare or just a drunken fit – but the fact of the matter is, with a huge crowd of onlookers witnessing the debacle, he decided to go muddin’ in a C5 Corvette.

Which is obviously not a smart thing to do.

After revving up his motor thinking that his traction control might somehow get him out of this mess, another four-wheel drive vehicle more suited to the task comes to the rescue and saves the Corvette in less than a minute. At one point we thought the left front tire was about to come off, but it was just mud flaking off the wheel.

By the way, did anyone happen to get the VIN on this C5 so we’ll know never to buy this one? Let’s hope there is no permanent damage to the radiator and motor and other assorted parts of the car that aren’t designed to be dipped into liquefied dirt, but we wouldn’t bet on it! It’s going to take a lot more than a car wash to get this one clean!


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