[PIC] Texas Wildfires Burn Corvettes and other Classic Cars

[PIC] Texas Wildfires Burn Corvettes and other Classic Cars
Photo: STF, Eric Gay / AP

I caught this article on Jalopnik this afternoon about the fires in Texas destroying a huge car collection. John Chapman and his family are okay after one of the Texas wildfires ravaged his property in Bastrop. His house got singed by the flames but came though okay. Unfortunately, the fire burned his collection of 175 classic and vintage cars including a dozen Corvettes.

The fire burned a garage and several pole barns containing his car collection. In addition to his Corvettes, some of which can be seen in the above photo, the fire also burned several mid-’50’s Chevys, a Shelby Cobra, a 1947 Studabaker pickup truck and a 1966 Pontiac GTO.

What’s most inspiring though is his attitude remains upbeat despite the massive destruction of property. “You can either laugh or you can cry,” Chapman told the Houston Chronicle. “You might as well laugh.”

Houston Chronicle via Jalopnik
Photo: STF, Eric Gay / AP

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  1. I have a question for M who said “Why weren’t these towed prior?…” … Have you seen any videos of this fire at the time when these cars were consumed? They had very high winds…so, it was moving, shall we say, EXTREMELY FAST!? I’m sure this is why Mr. Chapman is VERY grateful he and his family got out with their lives! I salute Mr. Chapman for his positive attitude…he knows what’s really important… his life and the lives of his loved ones!

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