[VIDEO] Motor Trend Tests the 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition

[VIDEO] Motor Trend Tests the 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition

Motor Trend had the opportunity to test the new 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition equipped with the Z07 performance package. Although MT tested a similarly outfitted 2011 Z06 recently, the biggest difference between the two model years is that 2012 comes with the updated Z07 Ultimate Performance Package which includes the Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, Magnetic Selective Ride Control and the new ultra grippy R-compound Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

Motor Trend put the 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition through their battery of road tests and in every category save for one, the 2012 Z06 Centennial bested the previous times and performance of the 2011 Corvette Z06. Of particular note is the figure 8 test that the 2012 Corvette Z06 finished in 22.8 seconds @ .098 g – the fastest time ever recorded by Motor Trend with a production car. The 2012 Z06 also posted a 1.13g average around the skid pad, besting the 2011 Z06 by 0.05g and the combination of the PS cup tires and the Brembo brakes brings the sports car from 60 mph to 0 in just 94 feet.

For the quarter mile, the Z06 Centennial hit its mark at 11.9 seconds at 122.5 mph. The only stat to not improve was the 0-60 mph time of 3.8 seconds which was equal to the 2011 Corvette Z06.

Motor Trends uses some of these stats in a bench race against the Z06’s formidable competition: The Nissan GT-R, Ferrari 458 and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The new 2012 Corvette Z06 stopped 4 feet shorter than the 911 GT3 RS, was a half a second faster around the figure 8 track than the GT-R, and the Z06 pulled more than a full 0.1 g over the Ferrari 458.

Of course we get the familiar “seats suck” refrain which is tired and old, but dollar for dollar, the 2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition continues to be one of the best performance bargains available in the sports car marketplace today.

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