1969 Hemi-Powered 4-Wheel Drive Corvette Looks Like Fun

1969 Hemi-Powered 4-Wheel Drive Corvette Looks Like Fun
Photo Credit: K. Scott Teeters/CorvetteReport.com

This custom C3 Corvette looks like the perfect vehicle to take to the beach for a little fishing, doesn’t it? Or, for just cruising down the street and watching people do double-takes. If you live around Ocean City, NJ, you’re probably familiar with Dewey Powell and his 4-wheel drive Corvette. Powered by a dual-quad 392 Hemi, the Corvette rides on the chassis of a 1969 Corvette while the body was donated from a 1981 Corvette.

You can read more about Dewey and his Corvette at: CorvetteReport.com



  1. i’ve seen worse…MUCH worse;

    the shooting brake C3 from Greenwood, the vette in the Mark Hamill movie, etc.;

  2. I have a buddy that I showed this to, and he said it was “a waste of a corvette” I asked him what wasn’t a waste of a corvette and he just repeated himself…he can’t seem to respect other people wishes with their corvette.

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