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Download the Digital Version of the 2011 Corvette Brochure

by Keith Cornett on October 29, 2010

Download the Digital Version of the 2011 Corvette Brochure

Here is the 2011 Corvette Brochure in pdf format.


There is no better writing then the high performance poetry found in a Corvette brochure. Check out the first text in the brochure on page 3:

A closed course and a Corvette. Belts cinched, starter pushed, steering wheel firmly in hand. You engage the clutch, accelerating through the gears as the tires lay a path to the end of the straight. All too quickly the pavement ahead disappears, but fast footwork brings the brake calipers down hard against the ventilated rotors, and in a second, two, three, the immense velocity is bled away.

A crisp downshift, a throttle blip and another light touch on the brake help you smoothly introduce the front wheels into the corner. You brush the apex and accelerate out, using all of the pavement in a graceful arc toward the next bend.

And so on. You sense the rhythms of the road, every element of the car working in harmony. You feel the g-forces building, the push against the belts under braking, the tug to the side in cornering, the surge in your back as the road turns straight again. With each lap, the corners grow closer together. The forces ebb and flow, always changing but never subsiding.


Corvette Conti

2011 Corvette Order Guide Available for Download


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