Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1961 Corvette Convertible

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1961 Corvette Convertible

As we moved we deeper into the docket of Corvettes available at Barrett-Jackson’s collector car auction in Las Vegas, we’re starting to see more classic Corvettes on the auction block. This 1961 Tuxedo Black Corvette appeared late on Friday night’s auction and was the first C1 Corvette to be featured this weekend.

The 1961 Corvette featured a restyled front grill without the “heavy teeth” and on the rear there are now 4 taillights instead of 2, a Corvette tradition to this day. This 1961 Corvette features the 283/230 hp V8 and a 3-speed manual transmission – all included on the base model that sold for $3,934 when new. Tuxedo black was the 5th most popular color (out of 7) and was chosen by 12% of buyers.

This 1961 Corvette was purchased by a woman who the SPEED commentators said had one of the busiest pens all day. Sort of breaks from the stereotype of Corvettes owners are all balding middle-aged men suffering through a mid-life crisis. The Corvette was hammered at $52,000 and with the buyers commission, total price was $57,200. Even though the Corvette comes equipped with just the basics, the price is spot-on for a base 1961 Corvette with major curb appeal.

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