Few Seats Left for Bondurant’s May 2nd Performance Driving Experience

Corvettes on the track at Bondurant

I was surfing the different programs offered at Bondurant’s School of High Performance Driving and one that caught my eye that I wanted to share was their upcoming half-day Performance Driving Experience. The Performance Driving Experience allows you to get behind the wheel of the C6 Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V and the Bondurant ProKart for a variety of driving instruction on different road courses. Best of all, the cost for all this fun is only $500!

Here is what you can expect during the Performance Driving Experience:

The program starts with a lead and follow exercise with your instructor on the Bondurant road course. You will see first hand the proper racing line the pros drive and will learn to Know precisely where to brake, turn in and position your car for the fast way around the track.

You’ll also compete on Bondurant’s autocross for fastest time among the others in the event. Test your abilities to handle the car at its limits and learning to be smooth with the car will improve your lap times. The autocross and the lead/follow exercises prepare you for the race in the Bondurant ProKarts.

The evening wraps up with the ProKart Enduro – just like the endurance races of Daytona, Sebring and LeMans. Teams will be formed to compete in the hour long race driving Bondurant’s 50-mph ProKarts. Strategy will play into the final outcome of the event. Teams will have to decide which driver drives each leg of the race; practice driver changes; and work together to help the rest of the team learn the track and be quick.

If you’re interested in spending a half day learning from the same instructors who have worked with Johnny O’Connell, Jimmy Johnson and Dale Jr, then the Bondurant’s Performance Driving Experience is for you. There are only a few seats left for the May 2nd Experience, so visit Bondurant.com or call 1-800-842-RACE (7223).


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